Thursday, 8 September 2011

Korean Village in Ampang, Selangor

Back to Malaysia, I must say that I have still been missing the Korean food. Already 2 weeks since I left South Korea via Incheon International Airport, yet I have not been well adapted.

The time had come for me to fill my hungry stomach with the Korean food on my birthday celebration just now. In Malaysia, to find Korean food, that must be in Ampang Korean Village!

How to get there?
  1. From Cheras, take MRR2 highway heading to Jalan Ampang. 
  2. Once you see Shell petrol station on your left, stick to the left lane to exit the highway. 
  3. Turn right at the traffic light and De Palm Hotel will be at your left. 
  4. Then turn right at the traffic light.
  5. The Lotte Mart. It reminds me of the Lotte Department Stores found abundantly in South Korea. Here, it is only a small, lonely convenience store.

Many Korean restaurants aggregate here in this small "village", that is basically an area demarcated by two shop-lots where you can find BBQ or non-BBQ restaurants. This is the place ever in Malaysia where again I saw the Korean people and heard the foreign language.

And, we chose Hanwoori BBQ restaurant.

Once I was seated, I ordered makkoli without hesitation, as I really like this rice beer. Of course, not to forget Soju.

I taught my friends of the Korean drinking culture - one should hold her/his cup while it is being filled by another one. I learned it on the night in Cheongju where I had my first Makkoli in my life.

However, the Makkoli served did not taste as good as the one I had in South Korea. Perhaps it was not milky and smooth enough. I observed that my mates did not really enjoy drinking it based on their facial expressions.

Kimchi, I love you! Some side dishes were new to me as I did not find them back in Korea. The result of assimilation with Malaysian culture has been taken place? But according to Hyunjoo later on via facebook, she said that these are the dishes she is having at home everyday, except the salad.

Oh my god! Bibimbap which summoned my memory of the hot bibimbap I had in Insa-dong! It was good.

We also ordered pork slices for barbecue. To my surprise, the restaurant itself is not installed with a smoke evacuation hose system. While we barbecued the pork, we bathed ourselves too with the greasy smoke and dust.

My taste buds tried not to compare it with the one I had in Cheongju, for these tiny receptors knew which was the more delicious one.

Nevertheless, I had much satisfaction with a sense of "belonging". Oh my god!

After that, we had a Japanese cheese cake topped with a "creative" sentence of birthday wish.

Thank you, mates for this wonderful night!

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